Ex-SAS operator Craig Archer finds himself in the firing line when the long arm of international terrorism reaches out to Auckland. 

What should have been a simple snatch and grab for the intelligence service proves to be anything but, and he is soon chasing shadows across the world as he hunts a Saudi financier, a former IRA bombmaker and a possible traitor in the Service. Accompanied by an alluring agent from MI6 and constantly half a step behind the bad guys, Archer chases his targets across four countries in a relentless pursuit that leaves a trail of destruction in its wake. 

With the British, Americans and Saudis all working their own agendas, Archer must fight to stay alive and try to figure out who the good guys really are. As the bullets fly and blood is spilled, the only rule Archer can follow is to believe nothing and trust no one. 

Explosive gunfights and car chases abound in this action-packed thriller from the author of the Chase Investigations series.


Angus McLean

I'm a Police officer and writer, a student of life and a fan of crime and adventure fiction. I grew up watching the TV private eye and cop shows of the 80's, rocking to the music of the 80's and reading classic crime and action stories-some of these were written in the 80's. Did I mention the 80's rocked?

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Series: The Division

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