Well it's basically a database of Authors and Books from Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, and nearby areas) AND a blog AND a running commentary (on the rare occasions when I feel brave enough to post an article).

It's also the place where I post book reviews.   A big percentage of the books I read will be from local authors (books that are covered under Books & Writers here).

But I also read a lot of books from other locations - so they are included here as well.  Which makes my life easier (the LAST thing I need is yet another site like this to try to wrangle into submission on a daily basis)!

AustCrime started out as a way of keeping track of who wrote what and what I'd read.  It's grown since then.  

It's going to be different to other sites you've seen - it's not a blog (although I have a blog on it), it's not just a listing site (although it does include listings of authors and books).  It's based on a widely used, and incredibly flexible Content Management System ... the same one I use in most of my day jobs, and ... well basically ... I can make it do all sorts of things.  And often will.  AustCrime is my playground and I do like to play / adjust / add / remove and ... well play.


Please note - I moderate all comments on this site to check for relevance and content.  If you post something it may take me a while to check and approve - but I also reserve the right not to approve things which are irrelevant, disrespectful, unnecessary or just plain not related to the site content.


Comments (for what that's worth!):  Lower traffic list - specialises in buddy (small group simultaneous reading of books).  Has structured activities as well (nothing is mandatory) - very friendly group.


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