A $20 million gold bullion heist executed with military precision. 

A Special Tactics team is decimated and the streets of downtown Wellington are left littered with dead bodies. A disgraced spy known as The Pastor is caught out in a weapons deal with a ruthless Somali warlord. A shadowy puppet master is pulling the strings of a brutal outlaw motorcycle gang. 

The cops are out-gunned and bound by rules. The Government’s ultra-secret black ops unit known as The Division are deployed to stop the carnage. 

Sergeant-Major Jack Travis was expelled from the NZSAS after eighteen years at the sharp edge. Now he is brought back in from the cold to lead the fight, to hunt down the bad guys and deliver the only style of justice they understand; hard, fast and without mercy. 

His nephew Brad is the Special Tactics Sergeant held responsible for the bloodbath in the streets after barely surviving the biggest shootout the nation has ever seen. Travis has let him down before, but it won’t happen again. 

Partnered with beautiful spy Susie Q and with Brad itching for revenge, Travis chases the bad guys to the dangerous streets of Bangkok and an island paradise. An international collection of cold blooded killers and Special Forces operators stand in his way, but they don’t know what they’re up against. 

Jack Travis has been let off the leash, and he won’t stop until the mission is completed. 

The Division is back in action, and this time they’ve let the dogs out. 


Angus McLean

I'm a Police officer and writer, a student of life and a fan of crime and adventure fiction. I grew up watching the TV private eye and cop shows of the 80's, rocking to the music of the 80's and reading classic crime and action stories-some of these were written in the 80's. Did I mention the 80's rocked?

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Series: The Division

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