A plane hijacking above Los Angeles sets Archer on the trail of a terrorist mastermind. 

The CIA want him. The Germans and Brits want him. But The Division are after him. 

Berlin is in the grip of nationalist uprising against immigrants, and tensions are running high. The Germans don’t want a foreign agent on their patch, but a spectacular is planned and Berlin is the target. 

Archer will stop at anything to prevent innocents being killed, even if it means crossing borders and breaking laws. Battling inter-agency politics, Archer chases his quarry across Europe in a desperate attempt to prevent another atrocity. 

But with the faceless mastermind always a step ahead, Archer may have finally met his match. 

When you are living on the edge there is only one rule: Believe nothing. Trust no one. 


Angus McLean

I'm a Police officer and writer, a student of life and a fan of crime and adventure fiction. I grew up watching the TV private eye and cop shows of the 80's, rocking to the music of the 80's and reading classic crime and action stories-some of these were written in the 80's. Did I mention the 80's rocked?

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Series: The Division

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