BROKEN SKIN - Stuart MacBride

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Sunnie Gill

BROKEN SKIN is Stuart MacBride’s third Logan Macrae novel.  The first, COLD GRANITE had him working with DI Insch. In the second, DYING LIGHT, DI Steele was the officer in charge. In BROKEN SKIN, MacBride seems to have gone for a bet each way and had Macrae working for both at the same time.  It’s not a plot idea that does not seems to work terribly well. Rather than concentrating on a single investigation, Macrae is pushed from pillar to post, grumbling all the while and becoming impatient himself.  Macrae and his colleagues moan, groan and whinge their way through the book.  We know this because these adjectives are used often; to the point of annoyance on my part. 

The issue of the over-used adjectives aside, BROKEN SKIN  is entertaining enough. However after the wonderful debut novel, COLD GRANITE, BROKEN SKIN is a bit of a disappointment. I only hope this was a glitch and subsequent novels will be of the standard of MacBride’s first

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There’s a rapist on the streets of Aberdeen and the violence of the attacks is escalating. Police fear sooner rather than later one of the victims will die.  While Detective Sergeant Logan Macrae’s girlfriend is acting as bait, Macrae is working on finding out who is responsible for inflicting the wounds on a body dumped outside the hospital. 

Some films are discovered; bondage and discipline featuring the dead man, police begin to wonder if the man was the victim of a session gone wrong or if someone out there has developed a taste for inflicting serious damage. The investigation takes Macrae into the twilight world of the BDSM scene with some unexpected and reluctant help from one of the uniformed constables who has some unusual interests.

Review BROKEN SKIN - Stuart MacBride
Sunnie Gill
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
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Review BROKEN SKIN - Stuart MacBride
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