Ed Loy hasn't been back to Dublin for twenty years.  But his mother has died, and he has returned to bury her.  Loy realises that the world waiting for him is very different from the one he left behind.

When an old school friend asks him to investigate the disappearance of her husband, Loy reluctantly agrees.  And suddenly in the Dublin where he grew up - among the Georgian houses, Victorian castles and modern villas of Castlehill - Loy finds himself thrown into a world of organised crime, long-hidden secrets, corruption and murder.


Declan Hughes

Declan Hughes has worked for more than twenty years in the theater in Dublin as director and playwright. In 1984, he cofounded Rough Magic, Ireland's leading independent theater company. He has been writer in association with the Abbey Theatre and remains an artistic associate of Rough Magic. He lives in Dublin, Ireland. 

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Series: Ed Loy

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Review THE WRONG KIND OF BLOOD - Declan Hughes
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Blog Currently Reading - The Wrong Kind of Blood, Declan Hughes
Karen Chisholm
Friday, January 25, 2008

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