CITY OF LOST GIRLS - Declan Hughes

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Karen Chisholm

Okay, so having finally worked out that this review has never actually made it into the light of day, for reasons which, well no reason. Let's just say idiocy on my part and move on.

CITY OF THE LOST GIRLS deserves much better attention than I've given it. The fifth book in the Ed Loy series, Loy is one of those rumpled Irish PI types, part philospher, part hardman, and in this book he's walking the mean streets of Dublin and LA.

Quintessentially Irish in the descriptions and observations sprinkled throughout the book, it comes as no surprise to recently (did I mention I've been under a rock for a while...) realise that Declan Hughes has a background as a playwright. Not to the level that makes any of these books read like a film treatment mind you.

It's just a great series, and finding CITY OF LOST GIRLS in a pile that I should have paid attention to a while ago bought that memory back in spades.

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Dublin PI Ed Loy tackles a case that takes him back to Los Angeles -- his home of twenty years -- and a past he'd rather forget in this gripping new novel in the Edgar Award-nominated and Shamus Award-winning series.

Ed Loy has laid his ghosts to rest. He's been back in his hometown of Dublin for several years, his work is wearing but steady, and he's in his first loving relationship since the death of his daughter caused the ruin of his marriage six years ago. But when two girls go missing from a Dublin film set, Loy knows his past has caught up with him.

Loy's longtime friend, film director Jack Donovan, is shooting his next movie, an Irish historical epic. Donovan and his three right-hand men -- together, the Gang of Four -- have made numerous movies together spanning several decades, but the new film is primed to be their masterpiece. Production grinds to a halt, though, when not one but two female cast members fail to show up to work. Chances are they're party girls sleeping off a late night, but the circumstances feel familiar to Loy. A little too familiar. Twenty years ago, three girls disappeared from a movie Donovan was shooting in Malibu and their bodies were never found. Today, Loy has a sinking feeling in his heart: Those girls are gone.

Knowing that one of the film crew -- maybe even Jack Donovan himself -- is responsible for the girls' disappearances, Loy races to uncover the truth before a third girl goes missing. And in order to find answers, he must return to L.A. and delve deep into his past. But while he's so far from home, a cunning killer seizes the chance to strike at what's closest to Ed Loy's heart.

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