He's a trained killer. She's a refugee. Art unites them.

Together they're unstoppable, but who's saving who?

New Zealand's Banksy hides in plain sight, despite the frenzy surrounding his anonymous art. Lieutenant Jack Jethro retired from the army with a chest filled with medals, slipping into small town New Zealand to create the sought after paintings by 'X'. He's isolated by his neurodivergence, navigating life the only way he knows how.

When a local thug dies after an argument with him, the cops become overly interested in his activities. But Jack has more than one secret to hide and doing so might cost him everything.

Because the woman he rescued from slavery is not who she claims. And 'X' is more than a pseudonym.

It's an escape.



K T Bowes



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Series: Calculated Risk

Series: Hana Du Rose - Generation Z

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Series: Hana Du Rose Mysteries

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