Silence is safe. Avoidance is comforting. Until it gets you killed.

Mac has spent his life hiding behind his disability. Added to that, he's struggling to find his identity as a freckled redhead in a family of black haired, brown skinned Du Roses.

He doesn't want to captain the school soccer team.
He doesn't want to stay in school.
He doesn't want to acknowledge the complicated dynamic with his cousin.
And he doesn't want to disappoint his father.

But trouble is coming for him and fate will force him to choose his own path.

When his favourite teacher dies in mysterious circumstances, Mac finds himself at the centre of a police investigation.

He's only ever one step ahead of being arrested for her murder, hiding evidence from the crime scene and lying about their romantic involvement.

Mac must find her killer or admit his mistake.
And then everyone will know what he did.

He needs to grow up fast and seize his destiny.

Because he's Hana's son.
And the stakes have never been higher.

This is the third novel in the Generation Z series.

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