Well it's basically a database of Authors and Books from Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, and nearby areas) AND a blog AND a running commentary (on the rare occasions when I feel brave enough to post an article).

It's also the place where I post book reviews.   A big percentage of the books I read will be from local authors (books that are covered under Books & Writers here).

But I also read a lot of books from other locations - so they are included here as well.  Which makes my life easier (the LAST thing I need is yet another site like this to try to wrangle into submission on a daily basis)!

AustCrime started out as a way of keeping track of who wrote what and what I'd read.  It's grown since then.  

It's going to be different to other sites you've seen - it's not a blog (although I have a blog on it), it's not just a listing site (although it does include listings of authors and books).  It's based on a widely used, and incredibly flexible Content Management System ... the same one I use in most of my day jobs, and ... well basically ... I can make it do all sorts of things.  And often will.  AustCrime is my playground and I do like to play / adjust / add / remove and ... well play.


Please note - I moderate all comments on this site to check for relevance and content.  If you post something it may take me a while to check and approve - but I also reserve the right not to approve things which are irrelevant, disrespectful, unnecessary or just plain not related to the site content.


Some odds and ends of suggested links you might like to have a look at:


4MA (4 Mystery Addicts)

Charter:  Be clueless no more!  Join your fellow bookaholics and discover new authors, great books, and the latest in mystery happenings.

Every month we have a formal discussion of two books selected by the group plus one book in an ongoing series, as well as daily discussions of what we are reading and what's happening in Mystery Land.

Our mystery expertise ranges from very little to quite a lot, but it doesn't matter since everyone enjoys all things mysterious.

Comments (for what that's worth!):  The best online book discussion group that I've ever found.  Members are widely read, there are lots of structured reading activities and it's basically all about the books.  Highish traffic (numbers of emails at times).  Just set up some filters and read at your leisure.  Nothing is mandatory, very friendly group.

Murder and Mayhem

Charter:  This is an online Reading Club that caters to the Mystery, Thriller and Horror Book Genres. We feature many Buddy Reads, so please visit the database section for a full schedule.

Comments (for what that's worth!):  Lower traffic list - specialises in buddy (small group simultaneous reading of books).  Has structured activities as well (nothing is mandatory) - very friendly group.