Detective Jason Farrell of the NSW police is back and the country town of Kingsbrook is rocked by the brutal murder of a retired couple who seemingly had no connection to the criminal world.

Soon Farrell and his team are drawn into a network involving organised crime and a local Kingsbrook company whose owners cover the darkest of secrets with their business activity. Their family owe their freedom to a time when deference was paid to those in power

Even when they had blood on their hands.

But with more murders following each new lead, and the arrival in town of a mysterious visitor from the UK who won't tell anyone why he's in Kingsbrook, Farrell also begins to wonder why his superiors in Sydney seem to be completely unwilling to help him with the investigation. And when threats are made that bring the darkness close to home for one of his team, he also has to work through a whole new set of unknowns that continue with the appearance of someone from his own past. Someone who should've remained hidden..

When he is finally able to identify the killer he doesn't realise just how big the house is that he's bringing down or how many murders have now to be accounted for..

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