Welcome to Broken Ridge, NSW, a town with a past that nobody could be proud of.

This story of an unsolved murder in rural New South Wales is a perfect mystery that will keep you guessing all the way through and then drop your jaw with a truly shocking twist at the end.

Just who did murder Danny Holdsworth's best friend Nigel Slater over thirty years ago when they were both teenagers who'd grown up together in Broken Ridge? It's a shadow that's been hanging over the town ever since and the local police have never been able to get close to solving it. But why? What or who has been stopping them?

Now a highly esteemed television journalist Danny returns to Broken Ridge and is determined to finally find the answer to Nigel's murder. The local police are helpful at first but the influence of a retired officer who investigated the murder at the time, and who still believes that Danny did it, is determined to dig up enough dirt to prove himself right.

In the meantime, Danny's own investigations bring him back into contact with Caroline who he was once engaged to but who's now very unhappily married to Danny's childhood nemesis, Tim Reynolds. But Tim has secret business difficulties that have led him into the clutches of a Melbourne ganglord and his Russian associates. They give him more trouble than he's ever known but he doesn't imagine just how fatal his association with them will prove to him and his family.

Caroline is determined to try and find what she and Danny once had when they were emotionally involved before he left town all those years ago. But Danny has already embarked on a secret affair that has trouble written all over it and yet he's driven by a passion that he just can't turn away from. And when Caroline finds out who the affair is with she's almost ready to commit murder herself.

Then Danny gets a surprise visit from his estranged mother who has lived in the US since abandoning Danny when he was a child. She brings with her the darkest of secrets which not only identifies Nigel's killer finally but also delivers a devastating truth about Danny's own identity that sends him reeling.

It's a revelation that makes him wish he'd left well alone.

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