SAWBONES - Stuart MacBride

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Sunnie Gill

SAWBONES is very violent and definitely NOT for readers of cosies. It could very easily be very grim indeed, but underlying all this blood and gore lurks MacBride’s humour. And that is the attraction for me. While one of the more psychotic members of the gang is wreaking havoc on the most innocent of bystanders, the narrator of the story (another member of the gang ) is standing back admonishing “never poke a bear”. More a novella than a novel ,SAWBONES is just 114 pages long. But those pages are action-packed with never a dull moment. If you think you can handle the violence, then give SAWBONES a try. I loved it.

Year of Publication

They call him Sawbones:  a serial killer touring America, kidnapping young women.

The FBI are trying to catch him - but they're getting nowhere.

The latest victim is Laura Jones, 16, blonde, pretty ... and the daughter of one of New York's biggest gangsters.  Laura's dad wants revenge - and he knows just the guys to get it.

This time, Sawbones has picked on the wrong family.

Review SAWBONES - Stuart MacBride
Sunnie Gill
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Review SAWBONES - Stuart MacBride
Karen Chisholm
Saturday, October 11, 2008
Blog Currently Reading - Sawbones, Stuart MacBride
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

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