No Time To Cry, James Oswald

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Andrea Thompson

Constance appears as a fully formed resourceful character with an interesting background and the holder of some firm convictions.  No flies on this officer, Con relies on no one but herself and is pleasantly surprised if any of her colleagues in the Met are actually non-biased and useful.  Very keen to see how Constance progresses in her career after this book as there will be quite a dramatic change in store for her after the incidents in NO TIME TO CRY.

NO TIME TO CRY is one of those crime novels where you feel you are in very safe hands only a few pages in.  Scottish author James Oswald has written here the first entry of a new series, also authors the successful Inspector Maclean series (still ongoing).  This experience shows.  NO TIME TO CRY is a polished police procedural that nails the ebb and flow of action and introspection, introducing us to the capable DC Constance Fairchild, a police officer in a bind who will dig in deep and not let anyone squash the truth about the murder of her colleague and friend.

The recommendation here is to get on board with what promises to be a cracking new British police procedural series.  Shades of ‘woo-woo’, if that’s your thing, can add a fair bit of appeal to a genre that can even in the best hands, can sometimes be a little mechanical.  (Let’s face it, it hasn’t hurt John Connolly).  There’s a hint of the woo-woo here and as googling tells me, the same goes for the Maclean series (now eight books in, if you feel like going on a binge after enjoying NTTC).

NO TIME TO CRY is a confident series starter that delivers solid entertainment and promises some great series reading to come.

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Blindsided by the murder of her boss, Detective Constable Constance Fairchild soon realizes that the Met fully intends to lay the blame entirely on her shoulders rather than come clean about their botched undercover operation. Everything about the shooting of Detective Inspector Pete Copperthwaite shrieks of a cover up, and the Met obviously do not expect their junior officer to offer much resistance to the closing of their ranks against her.   How wrong they are.

Under threat and under constant surveillance whilst on suspension from duties, Con needs to get out of town quickly.  Asked to investigate the disappearance of a teenager from her hometown, Con is happy to shoot through and lie low from the police investigation that seems to be going nowhere.  The demons of Con’s past though haven’t gone away.  They’ve just been lying in wait for her return.

Review No Time To Cry, James Oswald
Andrea Thompson
Thursday, September 20, 2018

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