Murder in Doubt, Rodney Strong

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Karen Chisholm

Third novel in the super-cozy Hitchhiker series which features stay at home dad Oliver Atkinson, and his propensity to pick up ghostly hitchhikers with problems that they need solving. In this outing he finds himself dealing with a precious nine-year-old and an investigation into what happened to her friend back in 1978. Obviously this isn't a series that's designed to appeal to those of us with slightly darker tastes, but it's light-hearted, more than a bit tongue in cheek silly, and should be an entertaining read for anyone who leans towards the cozier side of the genre.


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No sooner has Oliver Atkinson dropped off the previous ghost hitchhiker than the next one reveals her presence. To make matters worse she’s the spirit of a nine-year-old, with a relaxed attitude towards the truth.

What starts out as a simple task quickly turns into an investigation into what happened to her friend in 1978. However what happened to her is as much of a mystery.

Now everyone seems to be lying to him as he deals with a daughter excited by her ghostly new friend, and suspects either dead or heading in that direction.

At least no one is trying to kill him this time…yet.

Review Murder in Doubt, Rodney Strong
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

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