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Karen Chisholm

I do like the occasional political biography, particularly when the subject matter is somebody that is admirable or interesting - regardless of your political persuasion.  As far as I'm concerned, regardless of your political persuasion, Julia Gillard's rise to Deputy Prime Minister in Australia - the first woman to take that position (why it has to have taken that long ... well that's another subject), is worthy of at the very least understanding.

A good biography has to tell something about the subject - and give the reader some insight into their life, their achievements, as well as provide some indication of the elements that make that person up, make them do whatever it is that they do, achieve whatever it is that they achieve.

THE MAKING OF JULIA GILLARD is a book that sheds light on Julia Gillard the person - whether or not that is because her personal persona is somewhat lower profile than other politicians, or whether I just haven't been paying attention.  There is insight into her background, the thinking that formed her attitudes and perceptions, the way that she has chosen and continues to choose to lead both her life and her politics.

I really enjoyed this book.  Learnt something about the person, learnt something about the process.  Learnt a lot about the political system.

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Julia Gillard is an exceptional Australian political figure.  The first woman to be deputy prime minister - and tipped by many to get the top job in the future - she is admired on both sides of politics as well as by the public.

Review THE MAKING OF JULIA GILLARD - Jacqueline Kent
Karen Chisholm
Sunday, January 31, 2010

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