MAELSTROM - Michael MacConnell

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Sunnie Gill

MAELSTROM is a no-apologies thriller.  I have to be honest and say thrillers aren’t usually my choice of reading. They work better for me on the big screen than between the pages of a book, but I found myself enjoying MAELSTROM much more than I expected.  The there is plenty of action without it being dragged out too much and there’s enough plot to keep non-action people like me reading. 

Dedicated thriller-readers will enjoy every action-packed page of MAELSTROM.  It is a promising debut novel from Michael MacConnell. 

MAELSTROM is a 2008 Ned Kelly nominee for Best First Novel.

Michael MacConnell is Australian and lives on the Central Coast of New South Wales.  He has a degree in International Relations, History and Ancient History and currently works in New South Wales law enforcement. His official website is

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Sarah Riley is the daughter of FBI legend Harry Reilly. Her father made his reputation hunting down on of America’s worst serial killers. But Harry never met the violet-eyed man. Sarah has inherited her father’s impulsive intuition and is making a name for herself as a rookie FBI agent. Given the job of investigating a recent double murder, she uncovers some strange anomalies in the modus operandi of the killer … and a maelstrom of evil is unleashed as a killer finds himself hunted by more than one adversary. A chilling thriller that introduces a new heroine … someone who will give Clarice Starling a run for her money.

Review MAELSTROM - Michael MacConnell
Sunnie Gill
Saturday, June 21, 2008
Review MAELSTROM - Michael MacConnell
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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