The Drowning, Bryan Brown

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Karen Chisholm

My review of Bryan Brown's first full length crime novel - The Drowning has been posted at Newtown Review of Books:…

"Actor and Australian icon Bryan Brown brings his laconic style to his first full-length crime novel."

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The body of a local teenage boy is found on the beach of a sleepy northern New South Wales town. David went for an evening swim and got into trouble . . . at least, that's what it looks like.

Three weeks before, Leila, a young backpacker, didn't turn up for her shift at the local cafe. Benny, the owner, isn't worried. It happens - backpackers are always on the move. There'll be another one.

One of the locals, Adrian, has been a help to Benny. He's found him a nice little sideline. Not exactly legal. Is that all Adrian is arranging on the coast? He once was a cop but has he gone bad?

And in the back-blocks outside town, a bikie gang is gearing up for a large consignment from South America.

Murder, drugs, liaisons and lies are stirring up this small coastal town.


Review The Drowning, Bryan Brown
Karen Chisholm
Thursday, November 16, 2023
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