The Delectable Lady d'Estelle, D.A. Crossman

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Karen Chisholm

Flagged as an erotic thriller THE DELECTABLE LADY D'ESTELLE made me think. Unfortunately mostly about how erotica is a tricky undertaking and how, combining it with thriller aspects, you flirt with some very fine lines. I suspect it takes a lot of writing skill to avoid a step over from one to the other, and I'm also acutely aware that there could be some gender bias here that's hard to avoid. Because however I tried to work this one out, the plot, the motivations and the fundamentals of who did what why and when, never became believable. The dialogue didn't convince and it just stayed creepy, icky, firmly in what feels like, to this female thriller fan, boy's own wet dream territory. 

Year of Publication

Prey becomes predator when a housewife finds her mojo as a femme fatale. 

When bored housewife, Estelle Vincent, discovers her husband’s infidelity, her life is turned upside down. Estelle is stalked by a rapist, seduced by the boy next door, and blackmailed by an unscrupulous reporter. 

Forced to work as a courtesan at an exclusive club, Estelle must find a way to protect her illicit secrets and defend her precarious reputation. 

Review The Delectable Lady d'Estelle, D.A. Crossman
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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