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Karen Chisholm

Collins Street Whores starts off very evocatively (for me at least) with a powerful motorbike being ridden along the Dandenong Tourist Road - a hop skip and a jump from our front door.  Unfortunately for me, the interest in the story waned pretty soon after that.  Overall the plot is fairly good, but there were too many elements in COLLINS STREET WHORES that just didn't work for me.  Granted this could be because anything "financial" has a tendency to bring me out in hives, but more so because there were too many characters to just not care about that much.  Possibly the idea that the central woman had to be beautiful and strong and competent and rich and driving the big flash car to make her a central character, possibly the relationship between her and the "boy from the rougher side of life" sort of just clanged a bit.  Possibly it was because a lot of the plot elements weren't that hard to see coming, but that they took a long time to come could have been the problem.

Collins Street Whores is not a badly written book or anything, I guess, ultimately the problem for me was that it didn't have that something different, that element that grabbed me and held my attention and I just struggled to stay focused on the story.


Year of Publication

After years of study and hard work, the strikingly beautiful Carmen Minelli finally achieves her dream of attaining a senior position with the most respected stockbroker in the land - J.D. Ford & Co.

Her first assignment with J.D. Ford & Co. does not stack up, but her concerns are met with resistance by the owners and senior executives of the firm. When her predecessor vanishes in the high country, her suspicions of her venerable employer grow. As she delves deeper into the assignment she has an uncomfortable feeling that she is being manipulated into signing off on something that she shouldn't. But why?

Who is pulling the strings? What do they hope to achieve?

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