After years of study and hard work, the strikingly beautiful Carmen Minelli finally achieves her dream of attaining a senior position with the most respected stockbroker in the land - J.D. Ford & Co.

Her first assignment with J.D. Ford & Co. does not stack up, but her concerns are met with resistance by the owners and senior executives of the firm. When her predecessor vanishes in the high country, her suspicions of her venerable employer grow. As she delves deeper into the assignment she has an uncomfortable feeling that she is being manipulated into signing off on something that she shouldn't. But why?

Who is pulling the strings? What do they hope to achieve?


Peter Ralph

Peter Ralph spent his early business life as a chartered accountant, specialising in corporate recoveries and reconstructions. In the mid 1980's he became CEO of a mid-sized private company and grew it to the point where it was successfully listed. Eventually, Peter became a share and deriviatives trader and continues in that field today. In addition to financial markets and writing, he has a keen interest in squash, tennis, golf and snow skiing. The breadth and duration of his business career has prepared him well for writing suspense novels based around business themes.

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Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, August 7, 2007

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