The Carlswick Deception, S.L. Beaumont

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Karen Chisholm

The Carlswick Mysteries are a series of young adult novels (THE CARLSWICK AFFAIR, THE CARLSWICK TREASURE, THE CARLSWICK CONSPIRACY, THE CARLSWICK DECEPTION and THE CARSLWICK MYTHOLOGY), this one being the fourth in the series. There is some back-story woven into each of the books to assist readers in not needing to start from the very beginning, although my advice would be to go back to the start as there appears to be a lot that's happened between Oxford student Stephanie Cooper and her rock-star boyfriend, James.

Young adult styled, with the emphasis leaning slightly towards telling, rather than showing, the rock-star lifestyle is what's needed to bring student Stephanie into contact with a range of possible mystery scenarios. In this case, the theft of a priceless Shakesperean First folio, flinched from a stately mannor, which results in a murder, and Stephanie's meeting with a particularly attractive young cop. Lots of glamorous lifestyle, bit of romantic tension and an English country manor into the bargain, this is a series that may appeal to young adults (women in particular) looking for a spot of escapism.

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Theft. Murder. Love Tested.

A priceless Shakespearean First Folio is stolen from an English manor house.

A man is dead.

Oxford student Stephanie Cooper is drawn into the dangerous criminal world of art theft when she meets attractive young detective Luke Spencer.

As her rock-star boyfriend tours Japan with his band, Stephanie and Luke's quest becomes personal as they follow an increasingly perilous trail that leads from Oxford to London, Paris and Venice.

But when Stephanie takes an unnecessary risk, the stakes turn deadly. Can she stay alive long enough to expose the identity of the thieves, help recover priceless literary works and resolve her conflicted feelings for Luke and her boyfriend James?

Review The Carlswick Deception, S.L. Beaumont
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Blog #amreading The Carlswick Deception, S.L. Beaumont
Karen Chisholm
Sunday, March 25, 2018

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