UNDERBELLY 9 - Andrew Rule and John Silvester

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Karen Chisholm

The UNDERBELLY series is a set of shortish books written by journalists Silvester and Rule covering various events in the criminal underworld of Victoria in particular.

Underbelly 9 covers the shooting of Andrew Veniamin by Mick Gatto, and Gatto's subsequent trial and acquittal, the case of a serial stalker, abalone poachers, the death of a woman and her daughter at the hands of her husband and a number of other stories.

All of these stories are told with Silvester and Rule's classic irreverant, tell it as we see it style.

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Andrew Veniamin was a short man with a short fuse. A gunman with four scalps, he dropped in for a late lunch with his one-time idol, former heavyweight Mick Gatto, and bit off more than he could chew. The pair went into a corridor at the back of the restaurant but only Gatto walked out. Veniamin had been shot dead at point-blank range. A jury agreed it was self defence. Friends fall out. One ends up dead. Life goes on - for some. This is Australia's underbelly.

Review UNDERBELLY 9 - Andrew Rule and John Silvester
Karen Chisholm
Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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