A Stolen Woman, Catherine Lea

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Karen Chisholm

A STOLEN WOMAN is the third novel in the Elizabeth McClaine series, and I can't help thinking it would have been much better to have read the earlier novels first as there's some back story here that took some sorting out. In short, Elizabeth McClaine is the custodian of a wealthy philanthropic fund who seems to have a penchant for finding young women in trouble. In this outing, she is pulled into the story of Laney Donohue, her disabled sister, and a worker at the residential home where the sister had been living, who has gone missing.

Once you get over the initial confusion about who is who, and how they all fit together, you will find that things start to flow well. It's an intriguing story, with the idea that Laney Donohue owes this missing young woman for the care and concern she showed her sister, and because her sister misses her and can't understand what has happened. Add to that the support that Elizabeth McClaine can provide to the hunt, it becomes quite an intriguing tale. There was more than enough that intrigues in A STOLEN WOMAN to add the first book in the series - THE CANDIDATE'S DAUGHTER - to an out of control To be Read List. 

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“Find Me!” 

Those are the words on the note crumpled in Laney Donohue’s disabled sister’s hand. All Laney knows is that the young nurse aid who wrote them was taken by a man, and no one stopped him. Laney owes this young woman. She cared for Laney's sister when Laney couldn't. Now she's disappeared without trace. Laney intends to find out why. 

Meanwhile, it’s Elizabeth McClaine’s birthday. Or it would be if her PA had gotten the date right. So what better time to leave her unwanted party than when the call comes telling her a client of her charitable foundation has been found beaten and left cowering in a closet, her nurse aid missing. 

But from the moment Elizabeth asks the first question, it’s obvious someone out there is hell-bent on stopping her. And when the trail left by Laney Donohue leads to the brothels and casinos of an organized crime syndicate two states away, Elizabeth must pit her wits against the brilliant and ruthless crime boss to save her. The problem is… 

…he already knows she’s coming. 

Review A Stolen Woman, Catherine Lea
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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