Review - Year One, Nora Roberts

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Andrea Thompson

Nora Roberts hands down is a fiction writing juggernaut and anything this author puts out is always going to be welcomed with great glee by her army of fans.  The news that Roberts was turning her talents to the post-apocalyptic (which well when done well, is my absolute favourite of all genres) was a real boost for the genre and well received by the reading (and reviewers!) community.

What you will quickly discover as you dive in is that this dystopian novel is unexpectedly populated by fantasy characters like elves and fairies, sensitives and telekinetics etc.  The novel would have worked well as a straight post virus work, or as a fantasy novel. YEAR ONE is a uncomfortable blend of both that does not quite hit the mark.  Going into this read I wasn’t anticipating the fantasy elements, and it was quite disappointing to encounter them. Can’t help but feeling a little cheated by the inclusions of characters that have such handy superpowers at their disposal to deal with any challenges that come their way.

Roberts always creates characters that you will want to invest your time in, and this is the min strength we see again in YEAR ONE.  They won’t all survive, and the readers will have an interest in seeing through which ones will make it with or without newly acquired abilities.   It is not a dark read as the fairy elements are a bit ridiculous and lighten the mood.  As a beach read it serves very well and the impetus in picking up the next novel is to see where everyone ends up – what new alliances will be formed, who will go on to lead, who will be able to adapt and survive.

Year of Publication

As one American family enjoys their break at their Scottish holiday home, a terrible sickness is released when blood is spilt on ancient magical land.  The sickness travels with the family back across the oceans and within an alarmingly short period of time, more than half of the world’s population is dead.  The virus seems to be unstoppable.

Of those that do survive, latent powers of certain humans rise to the surface.  The ‘Uncannys’ are a  new breed of superhumans, blessed – or perhaps cursed – with the magical abilities of characters of folklore.  Elves, fairies and witches are now fighting for survival in this new world where tyranny rules and misinformation is the norm.  A journalist, a chef, a writer, a paramedic and others come together to try and find somewhere save to live and ride out the horror that has over taken the world.  Strangers become family and form a town of broken refugees who must put aside their differences and prejudices to survive in a new order where governments are gone, the authorities no longer exist and prejudice is rife.

Review Review - Year One, Nora Roberts
Andrea Thompson
Saturday, January 27, 2018

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