Review - The Last Dog on the Island, Steve Kelleher

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Karen Chisholm

Really fascinating background into detection dog training and functions, with some very personal observations about the system in general. Let down somewhat by an offputting combination of smugness and approbation in the narrative style making it a less accessible read than you'd expect from such an interesting tale. Especially given the lovely Elise who sounds like she must have been an amazing dog.

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Detector Dog Elise and her handler, Steve Kelleher, were the only drug detection unit in Tasmania. Working for Customs, Tasmania Police, Federal Police and the Tasmanian Corrections Service, they hunted down marijuana stashes, caches of amphetamines and were instrumental in smashing an international Mafia drug ring. Tackling bikie gangs, hardened criminals and hazardous shipto- shore transfers were all in a day’s work for Elise and Steve. Their expertise took them all over Tasmania, to the mainland states and even into the South Pacific. Elise’s keen sense of smell and Steve’s ability to interpret her behaviour led to the seizure of millions of dollars in contraband. Ever wondered how the serious business of busting drug traffickers works? Find out in The Last Dog on the Island – it’s an addictive read.

Review Review - The Last Dog on the Island, Steve Kelleher
Karen Chisholm
Sunday, October 29, 2017
Blog #amreading The Last Dog on the Island, Steve Kelleher
Karen Chisholm
Monday, June 19, 2017

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