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Andrea Thompson

Does it sound like there is a lot going on in this novel? There is. Vampires, shifters, wraiths, hybrids, rifts; the reader needs to keep sharp as to what Tiger must do in order to break through every obstacle in her rescue efforts. It’s a little exhausting. A debut fantasy novel must in some ways keep it light on the rules and regs, so that we can easily pickup up the vernacular and have some sense of confidence in knowing how everything works. It’s not so easy to visualize the landscape in CITY OF LIGHT; some elements seem to contradict.

Arthur has created a world still going through the process of change and if you like futuristic Wild West novels, you’ll enjoy what the author has crafted here. Tiger uses sex to obtain information and she has a romantic interest also in this series entry which is an appealing lead into the next Tiger novel. Tiger herself is a bit of an uber super hero; the kitchen sink approach has been used here in that many standard fantasy elements have all been thrown into the one novel.  Tiger is purposeful, independent and interesting with her strong self-survival skills and has the stones to be a strong action lead. The melancholic “left behind” setting of this novel is well crafted and the action sequences are again very good. A solid entry into what will be no doubt another successful action series for author Keri Arthur.

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"Jesus Christ. I found one." These words, blurted over the phone to Constable Snowy Lane, signalled the beginning of a series of events which were to reverberate in his life and shake Perth to its foundations. It was 1979. Mr Gruesome had taken another victim and all of Perth was riveted by the emergence of the dark side of the City of Light. Snowy Lane, first as a young cop, then as a private detective, finds himself inextricably linked with Mr Gruesome and the human and political power plays that unfold against the excess and corruption of the 1980s. Footballer, lover, detective, reluctant suburban boy - Snowy turns his gaze on himself and the place of his birth; the bands, the derbies, the pubs, the America's Cup, the politicians and the hills are brought into fond and ironic focus as Snowy closes in on Mr Gruesome and finds the beginnings of his own redemption.

Review REVIEW - CITY OF LIGHT, Keri Arthur
Andrea Thompson
Sunday, January 31, 2016

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