Frozen Summer

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Karen Chisholm

The third novel in the Dan Calder series, the title FROZEN SUMMER is the nickname Calder's girlfriend has given to a cold case that he's slightly obsessed with - and not just because he's the only suspect....

Following on from THE AGENCY and THE SECOND GRAVE, this series is one that you'd likely to be best to have read from the start. Calder's background is quite complicated, as is the story of his relationship with girlfriend Tara, and his moving between New Zealand and his native England. The author of this series, Ian Austin, does have a background in UK and NZ law enforcement as well, and it's worthwhile knowing that, as the series has shown a tendency to bog down in explanation of procedural points and expository dialogue that's still quite evident in this third outing.

There's always been promise in these novels and in the character of Dan Calder, the ideas behind the investigations and the outcomes have always been intriguing, and that's what's made the imperfections able to be ignored. FROZEN SUMMER further cements this pattern, although to be honest, the ending here, whilst it's obvious what the author is trying to do, is either going to drive readers bats or really seriously intrigue. Readers choice :)

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Dead isn’t always followed by and gone.

An all but forgotten cold case, all for one person that is. No one in their right mind would go back again… Right mind? Correct!

Frozen Summer is the nickname Dan Calder’s girlfriend Tara gives to a cold case, the coldest one of all. Who else but Calder would contemplate investigating an unsolved killing where he’s the only suspect?

Psychologically tortured by Zoe Summers death to this day. Being there, being involved, covering it up.

Armed with the police files from the original investigation, now he can inject his own witness evidence into the mix to generate new leads.

The time’s come to revisit the scene of his blackest experience in order to try and move on once and for all. At stake are the relationships with Tara, their new son Bradley and possibly his very liberty.

One way or another it ends here.

Right here, right now

Review Frozen Summer
Karen Chisholm
Monday, May 25, 2020

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