Reptiles killed Aubrey Broughill...but which ones?

It takes balls to become Australia's oldest stick-up man. In a 60-year criminal career Aubrey 'Grandpa Harry' Broughill had what it took, right to the end. But when his bloated body was found in a flooded quarry, his testicles were missing.

Turtles were blamed - but there are doubts.

Police know Broughill was the victim of cold-blooded predators. But was it the eastern snake-necked turtle - or something lower?

This is really Australia's underbelly.


Andrew Rule

Andrew Rule has been a journalist since 1975 and has worked in newspapers, television and radio. He wrote Cuckoo, the true story of the notorious 'Mr Stinky' case and has edited and published several other books. He is a feature writer for The Sunday Age. See also John Silvester

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