A political operative in search of a Senator’s wayward son. A vice-ridden tropical island. This case is way, way too much…

John Dannen is a mysterious and violent man, employed by a powerful Senator. The Senator’s son is causing trouble and even worse, he’s doing it on Tunnel Island, a neon hell-hole run by gambling conglomerates, organized crime and a corrupt police force. But the case is simple enough: hand-deliver a message, get out alive..

On Tunnel Island, Dannen quickly finds himself in conflict with a dangerous and weird collection of local residents. Out of his depth and desperate, he’s forced to improvise, with bloody and unexpected results.

Two Days is the prequel to Drainland, Book 1 in a new series of noir crime mysteries. If you like hardboiled stories, gritty crime mysteries, and a dash of tropical paradise, then you’ll love Iain Ryan’s fast-paced page-turner.


Iain Ryan

Iain Ryan grew up in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. His debut novel 'Four Days' is now available from Broken River Books. His work is previously published by Akashic Books (New York) and Crime Factory (Melbourne).

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Series: Tunnel Island

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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