The Sands of Windee (Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte Mystery Series #2) - No one but Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte saw anything unusual about the abandoned car in the background of the police photograph. But to Bony it signifies that the disappearance of Luck Marks near Windee station was no accident. 

Why had Marks driven out to Windee? Had he bee murdered? Or had he, as the local police believe, wandered away from his car and been overwhelmed by a dust storm/ Bony knows that the answers to these and many another question lie buried in the sands of Windee. 


Arthur Upfield

(1890*-1964) English-Australian mystery writer, who roamed in his youth the sub-continent working as a boundary-rider, cattle-drover, rabbit-trapper and station-manager. Upfield's famous hero is the Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte (or 'Bony', as he is known in the books familiarly), the son of an unknown white man and an aborigine mother. Bony is a gentleman and genius of criminal science, who has an M.A. degree from Brisbane University. In his work Bony frequently faces race prejudices but wins them with his wit and smile. 

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Series: Bony

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