When Danny Canyon was forced to flee Glasgow in a hurry, he had no idea he'd land in a Melbourne meat-works. Not that he would marry a beautiful Vietnamese refugee who would carry him off to run a bar in steamy Saigon. Nor that he would have to enlist his brother to help deal with the frighteningly business-like local Mafia. But that's how it turned out.

Saigon Tea is all about brotherly love, Francis Ford Coppola, Australian small-goods, Mexican beer, Vietnamese bar girls who aren't quite what they seem and drinking vodka in the afternoon


Graham Reilly

Graham Reilly emigrated from Glasgow to Melbourne with his family when he was 13. At different times he has worked as a cook, a truck washer and a maintenance man in an abattoir, but for the last 20 years he has been a journalist, mostly with The Age. Graham wrote his first two novels while living in Vietnam with his wife - Saigon Tea is a comedic tale that crosses from Glasgow to Melbourne to Saigon and back again; Sweet Time is a humorous exploration of Melbourne in the late 1960s when soccer challenged the dominant sport of Aussie rules. Graham's latest novel, Five Oranges, returns to the characters from Saigon Tea as they holiday in Australia and brave the Vietnamese underworld.

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