A ship carries a deadly cargo that should never have seen the light of day ... as an enemy is bent on a revenge that will lay waste to major cities across the world. Defending home soil for the first time, intelligence agent Marika Hartmann makes a life and death choice in the skies over Sydney. PJ Johnson has to choose between making a difference, or personal happiness. Microbiologist Dr Jan Sloven is the only man who can tell the world what is inside those stainless steel cylinders. Tom Mossel, head of the DRFS, wants desperately to avoid ending his career in disgrace and ignominy. Old sins come back to haunt them all in a last ditch fight against the dark side of society.


Greg Barron

Greg was born in the mountain ranges of Northern New South Wales and has also lived in Canada and the Northern Territory. He grew up reading Alistair MacLean, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, Desmond Bagley, Jon Cleary, Wilbur Smith and John Le Carre and dreamed of being a writer from an early age.

He has qualifications in Education and Aquatic Science and has studied Global Terrorism through St Andrew’s University, Scotland. He has worked as a librarian, a music teacher, a primary producer, an educator in remote Indigenous communities, and played the guitar semi professionally.

Greg enjoys music, bushwalking, boating, canoeing, reading and travel, both internationally and in Australia. His writing reflects strong interests in political, social and environmental change. He lives on a small farm in Eastern Australia’s coastal hinterland with his wife and two sons.

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Series: Marika Hartmann

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