'Like always they were asking for something - but this time it was one hundred thousand dollars. Anna Karpis had insured her beautiful legs with the Silver Star Insurance Company, and now she was missing.

'I knew she was dead - I had a leg to prove it. Things get kind of complicated when you have spies chasing after a top secret - they even thought I had it - but they didn't have to go to those lengths to prove they were wrong!

'What with everybody double-crossing everybody else, I didn't quite know where I was. I even thought my brunette loved me - but if she did she wouldn't be pointing a gun at my chest . . .'


K.T. McCall

The only female pulp novelist to work during the heyday (1939-59).  K. T. McCall was the pseudonym of Audrey Armitage in collaboration with Muriel Watkins.

She was blonde, beautiful and brainy. And K.T. McCall was one of the world's highest paid female crime writers, or so said the blurb on the book's back cover. Almost 50 years later Audrey Armitage, the real K.T. McCall, still laughs when she recalls her time as one of the country's most prolific and popular authors. "I think I was the only woman so it wasn't hard to be the highest paid," she says.

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