Ugly. Irascible. Intolerant. Clever.

From one of our sharpest legal minds comes a brilliant new charac t er, Harry Curry--scion of the establishment and criminal defender extraordinaire. A class traitor, some say.

When Harry′s robust advocacy leads to his suspension for professional misconduct, he teams up reluctantly with Arabella Engineer, an English barrister of Indian descent, struggling for a foothold at the Sydney bar. Together, they wreak havoc in criminal trials involving drug-dealing, terrorism, murder and more.

But can their professional relationship survive when personal matters intervene? Is Harry truly fated to live and work alone?


Stuart Littlemore

Stuart Littlemore QC is an Australian barrister and former journalist and television presenter.  He was the writer and host of the ABC's Media Watch program from its inception in 1989 until 1997

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Series: Harry Curry

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