'He stepped down from the rocks onto the riverbed. Six minutes to live, but he didn't know it then. He loved - and feared - this place as it was, but its secret was going to come out now ... He began crossing the riverbed ... Four minutes.'

Why as part-Aboriginal lawyer Tony Grant brutally murdered in a lonely outback gorge?

What was the secret that threatened his beautiful Asian girlfriend Dana?

Ex-policeman, Rob Grant, the murdered man's white brother, probes deep into the Red Centre of Australia to expose the dark mysteries of the past - and to find the gruesome killer.

Rod and Julia, an American advertising executive, plung into a nightmare of police corruption, drug-running and Aboriginal mythoology as they investigate the bloody puzzle of Tony's death - and his mysterious birth.

Tony had many enemies - and one of them hated enough to kill.


Ian Moffitt

Ian Moffitt was born in Sydney in 1926. He was a reporter, sub-editor, feature writer and foreign correspondent for Australian newspapers for more than 30 years before he began writing fiction fulltime. He worked for the South China Morning Post during the Chinese Civil War and it was his experience in Hong Kong and China that inspired The Retreat Of Radiance. He died in 2000. Ian Moffitt made an extrordinary fiction debut with his novel, The Retreat of Radiance. It was four months on the bestseller list, six weeks as No 1. It and his other novels, The Colour Man and Blue Angels have all been published internationally.

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Karen Chisholm
Monday, October 1, 2007

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