He had watched them both for weeks. Prosperous, self-satisfied David Neale and his wife, Anna, so sweet, so gentle. He had tracked them through the suburbs of Dublin. And thought of the times that had been and the times to come... Now David is dead and Anna is discovering that nothing about her life with him is the way it seemed. There are debts to be paid, infidelities to be faced, and she is alone, defenceless and vulnerable. Which is, after all, exactly what the man who calls himself Matthew has always wanted. He will watch and wait. And when she is ready he will bring her his gift...his courtship gift of death and betrayal, woven together in a shroud of silk.


Julie Parsons

Julie Parsons was born in New Zealand but has lived most of her adult life in Ireland. She has tried her hand at artist's model, typesetter, freelance journalist, radio and television producer - before turning to writing fiction. She lives outside Dublin, by the sea, with her family.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018
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Friday, March 2, 2018
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