Early Christmas present for me - Redback by Lindy Cameron:

Blurb from the book:  On an otherwise tranquil Pacific Island resort, ex-army Commander Bryn Gideon and the crack Australian Redback Retrieval Team stage a high-level rescue bid to recover hostages captured by Rebels.  Thousands of miles away, American journalist Scott Dreher is researching computer wargames, and finds a pirated copy that reveals shady arms dealings and disturbing hints of connections between government agencies and known terrorists.

First paragraph:  It was the last good night of Lord James McQuade:  he'd been wined, dined and royally screwed.  Truffles, a vintage red and sweet Miss Jones.  Sixty-six years old tomorrow and not destined to outlive his wolfhound.

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Commander Bryn Gideon and the crack Australian ‘Redback Retrieval Team’ rescue hostages from Pacific island rebels. American journalist Scott Dreher, researching computer war-game training, uncovers links between Western government agencies and known terrorist groups.

Meanwhile ritual killings in London and Tokyo, a bomb on a European train, an assassination on an Australian beach, and an attack on a US army base have half the world on high alert. The question is: are these incidents the work of isolated opportunistic terrorists, or part of something more sinister?

Gideon’s Redbacks join the race to expose the ultimate conspiracy of a truly evil force; one that plays both sides of the terror divide against each other.

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Submitted by Karen on Mon, 10/12/2007 - 07:17 pm