Emily, eight months pregnant, and her partner Cam return to Tranquil Bay, a small seaside town in New Zealand, to attend her dad’s 60th birthday bash. She hasn’t been back home since the tragic death of her younger sister Sarah ten years earlier.

The town and old friends she’s lost touch with have moved ahead, but her parents seem to be stuck in a time warp. Emily is shocked to see Sarah’s bedroom like a shrine; it’s obvious her parents haven’t dealt with their grief – but why not, after so long?

What’s more shocking is that Lou, Sarah’s best friend, tells Emily she doesn’t think her death was an accident. At the time, the police concluded it was. But what if someone had wanted to harm her sister? Who? And why?

Coming home turns out to be less than a relaxing holiday and more an excavation of the past. The deeper Emily looks, the more she realises something isn’t right.

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