Most Australians are murdered by someone they know. Usually by someone in their own family.

Killer in the Family explores more than twenty cases where families have been torn apart by murder.

  • A festering resentment by a spurned husband turns into the tragic downing of four children.
  • A violent stabbing in a mother’s past, and she grows up to murder her four babies.
  • Two sons inexplicably kill their mothers.
  • A de facto husband remorselessly beats a five-year-old until the child’s traumatised body gives out.
  • Spouses turn to hitmen to solve their domestic problems.

Brutal, callous crimes by the ones who are meant to care the most.


Lindy Cameron

Lindy Cameron wanted to be a famous scientist when she grew up but became a surburban journalist instead, until she got bored filling the gaps between the ads and switched to book editing because it meant she didn't have to interview people. She is now a crime writer - which is what she wanted to be in the second place.

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