Well the TV show might be banned, but in Victoria you can buy the book without any problems at all.  I'm not at all sure what that says about the average juror or what it could be implying about book readers, but that's probably a discussion for another day.

"The bloodiest underworld war in the history of Australian crime began with both a bang and a whimper in a tiny park in the western suburb of Gladstone Park, near Melbourne Airport."

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First he got lucky.

Then he got life.

They called Carl Williams 'The Truth' but the truth was he was just a fat kid with a pill press and a taste for fast food, fast women and fast bucks.  He got lucky the day Jason Moran shot him in the belly instead of in the head.  Carl didn't return the favour:  one by one, Moran and his brother and father and their mates were shot dead during an underworld war that was really an extermination program.

But Carl's luck ran out when the Purana Taskforce came calling  He was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 35 years.  And that's the truth.

This is Australia's underbelly ... bullet holes and all.

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