Two spies and a private eye are asked to protect a social media influencer. What could possibly go wrong? Crockett, Ben, and Ronnie reluctantly accept an off-book mission from the Australians. They’re tasked with protecting a young social media influencer with an exceptional memory and to escort her safely to court to testify. Crockett has an extra job on his list; he’s supposed to recruit the woman for his intelligence agency but he’s not sure that is wise, or that the woman will be able to transition from ‘social media influencer’ to a career within the intelligence community. The more time they spend with ‘Alex the influencer’ the less she seems suited to anything except taking selfies and tantrums. The more time they spend with ‘Alex the influencer’ the more they suspect something is off about Alex. If that isn’t enough, Ronnie’s cousin Donald suspects something dreadful has happened to their neighbours and manages to drag Nana and the Cronies of Doom into his conspiracy theory, despite Ronnie’s many misgivings. Meanwhile, the team navigates through dangerous situations arising from an unknown number of assailants, raising the stakes with each passing moment. Will they be able to protect Alex and uncover the truth before it's too late?


Cat Connor

Cat lives in the Wellington region of New Zealand with her husband (Action Man), and their youngest children (The Boy Wonder, Squealer and Breezy). They share their home with a cat named Missy and Romeo the Greyhound. Cat has found the time to author 11 novels her latest being The _Byte series featuring Supervisory Special Agent Ellie Conway - published by Rebel e Publishing.  When Cat is not writing she is sewing, tie-dying, reading, or hanging out with her  family and the Admins. (Admin One, Admin Bubbles and Cat spent April 2011 in the USA, they had a fabulous time and managed not to get arrested...)

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Series: byte series

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