Not Just Desserts, the deli and catering firm owned by OLIVIA BEAUMAN, is under threat.

Though many people hate HARRY OLDRITCH, it is his long suffering wife QUEENIE, and his mistress BETTINA who die after old fashioned pesticide is placed into meals OLIVIA has prepared. To any outsider GREVILLEA might seem a typical village on the south coast of Australia. But when DETECTIVE RICHARD BRUMBY is brought in to solve these crimes, he discovers that no place, no matter how idyllic, is safe from secrets and intrigue

A great detective read that doesn't shove outrageous twists and turns down your throat - instead favouring the 'gently, gently' approach of how swiftly life can barrel out of control.


Goldie Alexander

Goldie was born in Melbourne just before the 2nd World War. Her parents had migrated from Poland in the late 1920's, and when she was small, she hardly spoke any English. Her earliest memories are of a time when young children were allowed to wander the streets without anyone worrying too much about them getting into trouble.

Her first four Young Adult books were 'Dolly Fiction' novels published under the pseudonym of Gerri Lapin. Her first book under her own name, Mavis Road Medley is a time travel fiction exploring the world of Princes Hill and her parents' struggles to survive the Depression. Since then Goldie has written more than 35 books, and many short stories and articles.

These days Goldie works full time as a writer, teaches creative writing and lectures and takes workshops in Universities, TAFE colleges, clubs and schools.

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Series: Anna and Zach

Series: Richard Brumby

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