TRADE ME is the second book that features a knock-about Australian resort manager – now – Private Detective, Kenny Jones.

Having made the change from battling resort manager to well cashed up P.I. (thanks to befriending a soon after dead elderly Chinese Mafia accountant - in ‘CHASING THE DRAGONS CACHE’ )– Kenny is back with his Thai wife May, along with the dubious Thai Fix-it man Lek, and his ex Border police minder Kit.

Kenny’s old friend from the Melbourne, Pete the barman, has been summoned for a holiday in Chiang Mai, not forgotten by his now rich buddy.


Warren Olson

Warren Olson didn't set out to be an author ; nor for that matter did he envisage he would become one of the most well known and successful Western private investigators to operate in South East Asia. .... A few years later he repatriated to his native New Zealand, where following an interest in Transnational crime he completed a masters degree in Strategic studies and penned an award winning research paper on cross cultural interviewing.

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