In this final volume of the Wolf Trilogy, New Zealand journalist Steve Carpenter is eking a precarious existence on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Suffering from "battle fatigue," he keeps busy writing about the coup de d'├ętat and the Turkish invasion of the previous summer. He also, at times, travels to conflict zones in the Middle East, filing profile features for the London press.

A casual phone call to his cousin Inspector Zymaras finds Carpenter been driven to the Red-Villages of southern Cyprus, where a body has been discovered. Meanwhile, another murder scene is unfolding in an upscale hotel in the new beach resort of Agia Napa.

To the dismay of the local police, both crimes involve tourists which have serious implications for the coming holiday season. However, to the intrepid Carpenter, they present an opportunity to delve into the murky world of sex-tourism, forged passports and international terrorism.

A gripping whodunit with colourful characters; Thrown to the Wolves explores kinship and conflict on an island scarred by political skulduggery and violent extremism.

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