Prada Bryant has it all. A Collins Street Office, a glittering career, a string of influential lovers and extremely useful underworld connections. She even has the best black lingerie that money can buy.

Working at the illustrious PR firm Shackle, Hacker and Toss (staffed largely by misfits and the morally reprehensible), Prada collects enemies like other people collect teapots. When she finds herself ‘stuck up’ it’s less a whodunnit than a whowouldn’t? - and that’s a very short list.

So, everyone has a motive, but who has the nerve? From gangsters and hookers to shonky politicians and cross-dressing, prime-time celebrities, it seems like everyone hates Prada.

And they’ve all just got in line.


Lola Lowe

Lowe lives in Sydney and is currently working on Stripped Down, the sequel to Stuck Up. She is totally unable to relax, is slightly unhinged and likes baking cupcakes, especially ones that involve glitter.

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