Who killed Devon Kent, a big-mouthed stripper who'd run out of credit? Who dared kidnap the pornographer's son? Why were Sydney's derros afraid for their lives? Where was Precious Ho, nymphomaniac Little Sister of a Chinese drug queen?

It's up to Syd Fish-failed journalist, sacked political minder and fledgling private investigator-to find out. Shaved Fish is a breakneck tour through the Sydney tourists never see. Cynical, street-smart and master of the deadly one-liner, Syd Fish is the most entertaining guide you'll ever meet. If Rachel is to survive, she must unlock her memory and face the fear that she has kept hidden in the darkest recesses of her mind.


Susan Geason

Susan Geason was born in Tasmania, grew up largely in Queensland, and now lives in Sydney. She has a BA in History and Politics from the University of Queensland and a Masters Degree in political theory from the University of Toronto, Canada, where she lived for some years. She is the author of the series of cult novels about PI Syd Fish, set in Kings Cross/Darlinghurst in Sydney. She has also written Wildfire, a psychological thriller with a female protagonist. These mysteries have been published in French and German.

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Review SHAVED FISH - Susan Geason
Karen Chisholm
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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