On a routine surveillance flight east of the Australian coast, Captain Lauren Bennett’s crew pick up a mayday call. A yacht is under fire. To the sex-slave traders, operating below the radar of both Border Watch and the Navy, sinking a pleasure craft is just a day’s work. 

Lauren has other ideas.

As she pursues the international criminals into the isolated country of Cape York she’ll need all the help she can get to stop their inhumane trade. That will mean joining forces with cynical navy officer Callam Granger who’s already shown his contempt for her. What will it take to convince him that this time she’s right?

Can they put aside old animosities to outwit, outrun and ultimately out-fly the traffickers? Or will the death of another friend shatter Lauren’s life completely?


Helene Young

Helene Young is the author of the Border Watch series. An airline pilot with twenty-two years flying experience, Helene finds inspiration for her suspense stories in the most unlikely places. She’s a senior Check and Training Captain with Australia’s largest regional airline and flies throughout the east coast. ‘I love talking to the locals in places as varied as Weipa, Longreach, or Mildura. Their experiences of everyday life are so very different to most Australians. The landscape they live in makes an ideal setting for mystery and thriller stories. And I have the added bonus of an office with the best view in the world.’ In between flights she finds time to write action packed suspense stories involving an airborne coastal surveillance operation guarding Australia.  Her second novel, Shattered Sky, was released in Australia on 1st February 2011 by Hachette Australia. Set in North Queensland it’s a fast paced thriller that delves into the world of Outlawed Motorcycle Gangs, International Organized Crime Syndicates and their role in the sex-slave trade. Her first novel Wings of Fear, under its original title of Border Watch, recently won the RWA Romantic Book of the Year Award 2011 in the ‘Romantic Elements’ category. The same novel recently won the ARRA award for Favourite Australian Romantic Suspense. As an unpublished manuscript, it was a finalist in the prestigious RWAmerica Golden Heart Award in 2008. She’s currently working on the third novel in the loosely linked Border Watch Series.

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