It is 2026 and individual freedoms are severely curtailed, and state surveillance is everywhere. State Security has a Watch List, and being on it means that nothing you do or say escapes the authorities, but does the Kill List really exist? And if it does, how would you know if you were on it?

Coded messages on a found burner phone, top-level government corruption and a shadowy mastermind who calls himself The Broker. In this climate of state control, three unlikely friends start quietly looking for connections and set in motion a deadly game of hide and seek that will change their lives forever.

Trying to uncover the truth means risking your life, and nothing is more dangerous than searching for evidence of government corruption.


Tina Clough

Tina Clough grew up in Sweden and now lives in Hawke's Bay New Zealand. She left a career in corporate administration and divides her time between writing and looking after a one-acre field full of fruit trees, hens and various forms of wildlife, and taking visitors on wine tours.

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Series: Hunter Grant

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