The discovery of a transsexual skeleton in a deserted mineshaft in Bonnie Doon, Victoria in June 1996 sparked a renewed police investigation into the death of country housewife Jenny Tanner, who had allegedly committed suicide less than 2km from the mineshaft. The sensational discovery also prompted Robin Bowles to close her successful public relations business in Victoria and investigate Jenny Tanner's alleged suicide. The result was the bestseller "Blind Justice: The True Story of the Death of Jennifer Tanner".

Now, in response to requests from many fans, Robin returns to the mystery of the body in the mineshaft, and the sleazy 1970s underworld of prostitution, drugs, cops and robbers that was inhabited by transsexual prostitute Adele Baily. No Justice is the last of Robin's Justice trilogy; an exhaustive investigation into Adele Baily's death. Was there a connection between Jenny Tanner and Adele Baily? Police say, yes - the link is one of Australia's most notorious policemen, Denis Tanner.

A tough, hard-nosed cop. A vulnerable, confused transsexual. A violent death. Was there a link? This is a case that took five years to investigate, two inquests, millions of dollars, and several ruined lives.

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Review NO JUSTICE - Robin Bowles
Karen Chisholm
Monday, July 12, 2010

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